Technical Guruji (TG) : Successful YouTuber

Technical Guruji (TG) : Successful YouTuber

Technical Guruji New : Bio, Pictures ,Income ,Lifestyle Etc.

Gaurav Chowdhury is also known as Technical Guruji.  Today he is a very famous youtuber.  His YouTube channel Technical Guruji has over 16.1 million subscribers (updated 11 May 2020).

  Gaurav makes technology related videos on his channel.  The audience likes them very much.  They review new mobile phones on their channel, say about the website.  Electronic gadgets such as mic, camera, bitcoin, server, WiFi, Google and other technical information were given to people.

  Guruji reviews new phones for the most part.  Tell his viewers about the benefits of the new mobile phone. His channel is very famous.  Gaurav Chowdhury Chowdhury is currently working as a Security Engineer in Dubai Police.  In addition, he also makes videos for YouTube in his spare time.

Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chowdhury) Biography

*  Birth and Early life

  Gaurav Chowdhury was born in May 1991 in Ajmer, Rajasthan.  He was a very versatile person since childhood.  He loved to talk to people, to tell them what was on their minds.  Gaurav loved technology since childhood.  He spent most of his time on electronic gadgets like mobiles, TVs, computers, calculators.

  From the very beginning Gaurav thought about how a calculator, a computer works.  As a child he was very intelligent in teaching and was at the top of his school.  Gaurav was so intelligent in reading that on exam days he would study for a few hours and pass the exam.

  Gaurav Chowdhury has become a technical guru due to his love of technology since childhood and millions of people have followed his YouTube channel.  Their videos number in the millions. Everyone likes their videos.

* Guruji Family background

  Gaurav Chowdhury's father was transferred in the afternoon.  So he went and lived with his family.  He is survived by his grandfather, elder brother and two sisters.  Gaurav has done his tenth class from Kendriya Vidyalaya.  He has done C ++ (C ++) in Computer Science.  He loved computers since childhood.

  He was always searching for something new on the computer.  Gaurav's father was seriously injured in the accident and then the responsibility of the family fell on him.  Gaurav learned computer coding well but was more interested in hardware.

  He holds an engineering degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Rajasthan.  He has done B.Tech and M.Tech from this institute.  After studying engineering, Gaurab moved to Dubai in 2012.

  The glory he did at ME Micro Electronic there learned a lot from there.  Gaurav learned many new things by designing chips himself, fabricating himself, making core electronics.  He also had many good friends and good teachers.

*  When did the technical guru channel start?

  Gaurav Chowdhury started his "Technical Guruji" channel in October 2015.  His channel has grown very fast.  As of September 2018, their channel is the 9th most subscribed channel in India.  On 18 October 2015, Gaurav uploaded the first video to the YouTube channel.

*  Where you got the inspiration to create a YouTube channel?

  Gaurav Chowdhury, aka Technical Guruji, says he used to work in Dubai.  Police in Dubai controlled the CCTV camera access point.  While doing this, Gaurav was inspired to make a video on YouTube.

 * Guruji YouTube Earnings

  Gaurav earns Rs 10 lakh (approximately) per month from his YouTube channel.  In addition to these new companies give them lots of new gadgets to promote for free.  Gaurav says that wherever knowledge comes, it should be taken immediately because we can learn a lot.  His favorite hobbies are walking and reading.  His favorite actors are Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

* Dream of Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chowdhury)

  Gaurav says that he wants to give all his knowledge to the audience. He says that knowledge grows through sharing.  Just learn whenever you get a chance to learn something new.  Technology is never wasted.

*Technical Guruji Lifestyle Video

 * Rewards

  Gaurav Chowdhury has been awarded Silver Creator Award and Golden Gate Award from YouTube .

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*  My Opinion On Technical Guruji

So in this post, we learned about the life of Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary). Looking at his biography, we got to learn a lot like the consistency that makes him successful in life. 

          Guys , whatever happens there is why you can make your future in whatever is your favorite work that you like to do.   If there is any shortcoming in this post, then do let us know by commenting, Thank you .


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