Comedian Chandan Prabhakar ( Kapil Sharma Show ) Dashing And Cool In Real Life

‘Chandu' of ‘Kapil Sharma Show' is stylish and super cool in real life

  Chandan Prabhakar, who played the role of Chandu in Kapil Sharma's show, is often seen wearing loose kala kurta, towels, plain T-shirt and loose pajamas.  Along with this, her hair has also been given a messy look, which can add life to her comic character.  Although Chandan is seen in such a dress and get-up to make the audience laugh in the show, the style of wearing this celebrity in real life is quite great and stylish.

  This actor has a good collection of jackets including leather jackets.  A leather jacket is something that makes anyone look simple with a simple stylish look.  You can also include it in your collection if you wish.

Chandan in track jacket

In this photo, Chandan is seen wearing a Puma track jacket.  He wore it with a red shirt, white lining and pockets.  It was great to see this combination.

Chandan in Denim jacket

  Denim jackets, which are never out of fashion trends, are also included in the sandal wardrobe collection.  In this photo, she is seen wearing a carat washed denim jacket and jeans.  From this it is clear that Chandan prefers the washed pattern.

  Look at this picture, can't you see Chandan too cool?  Simple gray t-shirts, blue-washed denim jeans and matching gray glasses and stylish watches, all combined to make this artist look handsome.

  In this photo, Chandan is seen wearing a trendy sweatshirt, with which she wore black wash pattern jeans to match the design.  She matched it with a white sneaker with a sole to match the mud color of her sweet shirt.

Chandan in Fitted T-shirt

  Although the body of this actor is not visible in a loose kurta, in reality he is keeping himself quite fit.  He flaunted the body made with a workout after a fitting t-shirt.

Chandan in Stylish kurta

  On the show you will often see Chandu's character wearing a loose-fitting kurta, which is given according to his character.  In real life, Chandan wearing kurta, however, fits, which makes them look good.  See in this picture, how smart he looks.

Chandan looks great in suit-boots too

  Chandan suits also do not refrain from experimentation.  In one photo he is seen wearing a black suit while in another photo he is seen wearing a maroon and black lining three-piece suit.  He did it with a colorful tie.  Chandan is quite handsome in both the films. 


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