Gorgeous Priyanka Baishya : Lifestory, Bio , Vlog And Some Pictures Of Priyanka

Gorgeous Actress Priyanka Baishya : Lifetory, Bio And Some Pictures Of Priyanka

Priyanka Baishya (aka Pri Baishya) is an actress known for many more famous music videos including Disco Vonti, Taxi Gari, Deha Tumar Lahoti and the controversial Ptiki Ptiki.  His first Assamese film is scheduled to release soon.  It will be a thriller film under the banner of Strawberry Magic Productions, the same production house that created fear.  Priyanka will play the lead role with Ravi Sharma in this film.

About Priyanka Baishya

Works at : Actor/ Model

Awards : Miss glamourous at sunsilk mega miss north east 2015
                 Stunning face and miss photogenic in miss anuradha
Lives in : Guwahati

Relationship : Single

Facebook followers : 37,376 people

Priyanka Baishya Vlog

Solo Goa trip :

 Wear in Summer :

On a Bright Sunny Day :

Latest pictures of Priyanka Baishya

Priyanka Baishya Barbie looks

Priyanka Baishya Hot pictures

Pri Baishya Wear Swimming Costume

Priyanka Baishya stunning looks

Priyanka Baishya looks Gorgeous

Priyanka Baishya in real life

Priyanka Baishya Wear Traditional dress

Priyanka Baishya looks beautiful

Priyanka Baishya Pretty looks

Priyanka Baishya wao! looks

Priyanka Baishya Cow girl looks

Priyanka Baishya looks simple

Priyanka Baishya on YouTube

      Priyanka Baishya has a YouTube channel. She shared there personal moment of her as a video, channel name is  ‘ Direct Priyanka '.You can see her videos and subscribe in this channel. 

YouTube link :

Priyanka Baishya on Facebook

      Guys ! you can check profile and follow her on Facebook. Priyanka available on Facebook by “Pri Baishya" .

Priyanka Baishya on Instagram 



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