Zubeen Garg : Star of Youths

Zubeen Garg : Star Of Youths

Zubeen Da

Guys ,Today I'm going to tell about our proud  (Zubeen Da) Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg Biography

Zubeen garg is a finest icon of india belongs north east. Zubeen Garg was born in Tura, Meghalaya(18 Nov,1972). His parents name father Mohini Borthakur and mother Lily Borthakur. zubeen garg authentic name is zubeen borthakur .his father mohini borthakur is a lyricist and poet.

     Zubeen Garg’s younger sister Jonki Borthakur was an actress and singer who died in a car accident in the Sonitpur district in February 2002 while on her way to a play with her co-stars.

    Personal Details

         Original Name      Zubeen Borthakur

         Born                     Tura, Meghalaya (18Nov,1972)

         Father                     Mohini Borthakur

         Mother                   Lily Borthakur

         Wife                        Garima Saikia Garg

         Sister                       Jonki Borthakur

         Occupation  singer,actor,producer,film maker

         Origin                      Jorhat, Assam, India

         Education               JB college, Jorhat ,Assam

 Fav Food                 Fish

         Fav Song                 Mayabini ratir bukut

Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg ( Zubeen Da )is an Indian famous and greatest singer,actor,musician and lyricist from Assam. Zubeen Garg has also sung in Assamese, Hindi, Bengali,Kannada, Oriya,Tamil,Telugu, Punjabi, Nepali, Marathi and Malayalam films.They are from Jorahat in Assam.Zubeen Garg is considered as the rockstar of Assam and West Bengal.Zubeen Garg tops the list of most famous Indian singers.Zubin Garg is the"Prince"of northeast.After Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, the proud Zubin of India and the Governor of Assam in the north-east of Assam received the highest honor before his name, now known as"Luitkontho"Zubeen Garg before his name.Young Garg has  lot of talent,  Together he is a singer,music director,lyricist and artist. Zubeen has sung in Asssamese, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Tamil,Telegu, Kanada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya and English.

In 1992, Zubin's first Assamese album "Anamika" was released. Zubeen Garg can play drums, drums, mandolins and electronic keyboards. He won the Best Composer award for directing music in the Bengali film "Sudhu Tumi".  Zubin Garg has won the 'Global Indian Film Award' for his song "Yeh Ali" in Hindi.  Zubin Garg released an Assamese film called "Mission China" in 2017.It was directed by an Assamese film directed by Zubeen Garg in 2019 and was titled “Kanchanjungha”. Zubeen has released the film and the film has also been released abroad in Assam and various states in India.

Zubeen Garg Wife Garima Saikia Garg

     zubeen garg spouse garima saikia garg is a producer and costume fashion designer, excellent known for kanchanjunga (2019), challenge china (2017) and gaane ki aan (2016).  Garima Saikia Garg has been married to Zubeen Garg since 2002 .

        One of the best designers in the Assamese film and mobile theater industry.  Nowadays Garima is busy with a project called "Abhinaya". Abhinaya is a dream project of her husband Zubeen Garg, who made one of her sisters in memory of the best singer and actress Jonki Borthakur.

Zubeen Garg sister Jonki Borthakur

      Jonki Borthakur was younger sister of Zubeen Garg. She also greatest female like brother Zubeen Garg.She was a great female singer like brother Zubeen Garg. jonki died in a vehicle accident in 2002 close to tezpur while they were going to carry out stage show along side her co-artists.

Zubeen Garg Fan Following

Zubeen Garg has a great fan following all over India.Zubeen da especially most famous  in North East. He lead whole Assamese Film industryand musical industry of Assam. Everyone in Assam give love and respect to Zubeen Garg. He mostly famous in youth. Youth generations madly in love with Zubeen Garg. Some fans of Zubeen da in Assam also ready to die for him. Zubeen Garg also popular in West Bengal , he sang Bangali Songs which is very famous in Bangle. Zubeen Garg also known as Zubeen da in West bangle. He collapsed  many songs with Jeet Ganguly and other Singer and Musician. Zubeen Garg has  a great fans following in other states of India. He is India's number one singer today,  Just the reason for his  fans following.

Zubeen Garg As a Social worker

Zubeen Garg manages charity that donates money for a variety of reasons. He asked people to help prevent clothes, medicines and floods in Assam.The issue of corruption was raised in APSC election in the film Kanchanjungha.

  He is a football fan and played matches to raise money for flood victims.

  Zubin Garg was the main political figure in the protests against the CAA against Assam.

     He manages many games, concerts for collect money for all retired artist. Zubeen da organized a foot ball match in Jorhat JB college stadium for 
help retired assamese artist.

I also joined this match as a audience.

 Zubeen Garg Movies as a Actor

* The Underworld  (Actor, Musician) ,Role: Don                        

* Priyaar Priyo    (Actor, Musician)                           
    Role: Priyobrot Kakoty and Bishnujyoti Bezboruah
* Kanchanzangha (Actor, Director, Writer, Musician)
    Role: Anirban

* Mission China (Actor,producer, musician, lyricist)
    Role: Colonel Goswami

* Gane ki Aane (Actor, Musician), Role: Nilabh jonak Boruah 

* Rowdor sithi (Actor, Musician), Role : Baba

* Janmoni (Actor)

* Mon Jai ( Actor, Musician ), Role : Manab

* Dinabandhu (actor, musician) , Role : Bipul

* Tumi mur mathu mur( actor, musician)  
    Role: Hrishi

Zubeen Garg Awards and Honours

BFJA Awards (2005)          Best Music

Stardust Awards(2006)   New musical sensation- male

Film Awards (2007)          Playback singer male

IIFA Awards (2007)

55th National Film          Best music direction
Awards (2009)

Prag Cine Awards(2015)  Best music detection

Mission China (2018)       Best Actor ( popular)
          (Mission China )      Best film (popular)

Zubeen Garg As a Music Director

Kanchanzangha (asssamese) 2019                  

Ratnakar (assamese)    2019                            

The Underworld (asssamese) 2018                 

Mission China (asssamese)  2017                   

Priyaar Priyo (asssamese)   2017                     

Gangs of north-east (Hindi/khasi)  2017       

Dil toh deewana hai (Hindi)  2016                 

Gane ki Aane (asssamese)  2016                     

Rowdor Sithi (asssamese)  2014                      

Ekhon nedekha nodir xipare 2012                

Mon Niye (Bengali)     2010                                

Kache aso Tumi ( Bengali)   2010                     

Mon Jai (assamese)   2008                                  

Strings (Hindi)     2006                                        

Ami Axomiya (assamese)  2006                      

Adhinayak  (asssamese) 2006                           

Barud (asssamese)      2004                               

Rong (asssamese)      2004                                 

Dinabandhu (assamese)     2004                       

Maya (asssamese)      2004                                 

Sudhu Tumi (bengali)     2004                           

Juman suman (asssamese)  2003                     

Priya Milan (assamese)    2003                         

Bidhata ( asssamese)       2003                            

Agni Shakshi (asssamese)  2003                       

Prem aru prem ( assamese)    2002                 

Jibon nodir duti par (assamese)2002             

Kanyadan (asssamese)      2002                        

Nayak asssamese)       2001                                 

Daag (asssamese).        2001    

Tumi mur mathu mur (asssamese)  2000

Hiya Diya Niya  (assamese)       2000

Zubeen Garg All Songs

Zubeen Garg Assamese Songs

 1. Gupute Gupute.   
 2. Akha mur akha       
 3. Gane ki Aane                    
 4. Pothe pothe junake
 5. Hahile Tumi                      
 6. Huna huna.    
 7. Pakhi meli diye.                
 8. Hiya dohe
 9. Monor nijanot                 
 10. Ahe ba nahe 
11. Pakhi pakhi ei Mon.      
12. Mugdho hiya mur
13. Dugalote Jen.                   
14. Voba kotha nohoi
15. O nobou.                           
16. Diya ghurai dia
17. Mon heruwai.                  
18. Kahi bati
19. Aukhir junak                    
20. Oou fulia
21. Kar porokh                       
22. Kokal khamusiya
23. O mur lorar maak.         
24. Atiya junake
25. Habdo.                               
26. Roi roi binale
27. Nokoba nokoba.             
28. Kunubai ringiyai
29. Jogot puhor Kori       
30. Moromor hikhati je
31. Nahor(2002).                
32. Phool phulok rodore
33. Andha akakh                  
34. Meghor boron
35. Obak obak.                    
36. Hunere hojuwa poja
37. Ujolai rakhisu.             
38. Protitu prohor
39. Sokuwe sokuwe.         
40. Aji Tumi nohole
41. Sup thak sup thak.     
42. Nayok hobo khuji
43. Dihingor gora.             
44. Nilikhu nilikhu
45. Jonak gola jaror          
46. Unmona
47. Nidiya nidiya.              
48. Niribili godhuli
49. Ajiu je nubuju.             
50. Mon dole fagunor
51. Ujagori bukute.            
52. Jonake kane kane ahi
53. Atiya kakhot hepahor.   
54. Phoolere hojalu
55. Maya Maya mathu          
56. Muru je Mone
57. Vor duporiya.                   
58. Gose Kobo hudile
59. Botahe Hari di Jai.           
60. Keku bau
61. Poka dhane ringiyai.       
62. Borokha jetiya
63. Rong Tumi huwane.        
64. Xeujia Mon
65. Rupohi rangdhali.           
66. Tumi nidiya Muk
67. Atiyau hare asu moi.      
68. Atiya asu mathu
69. Ujagori nikha.               
70. Andhar hobo nuwaru
71. Lahe lahe achinaki .       
72. Pritir huvakhe
73. Umi Umi jwolalahi          
74. Ami Jen 
75. Kio Janu.                            
76. Aaina vonga di
77. Bilot tire birai.                 
78. Suwa jumi suwa
79. Maina maina.                   
80. Olop hanti dia
81. Ratipuwa Hui uthi.         
82. Aai Maya dhorat
83. Majulir ajoni suwalia    
84. I love you buli
85. Hanti dia mukti dia.      
86. Atiya jonake
87. Borokhun topal topal.   
88. Jaanmoni( Bihu)
89. Beli poru poru.                
90. Dia Muk dia
91. Apahi bokule .                 
92. Aji punyo probhate
93. Mukha mukha.                
94. Suma Suma
95. Pamne moi ghurai.        
96. Niyore
97. Bukute bukukhon          
98. Niyorore phool
99. Dhiniki dhindau            
100. Ajaru nufule
101. Nongola mukhore.      
102. Kali rati
103. Sip sip borokhune.      
104. Janilu bujilu
105. Ga vora boyokhor.      
106. Pakhi loga Mone
107. Vulotu nasaba Tumi.  
108. Mori jam Mori jam
109. Iman morom.                 
110. Juwa bosorei
111. Sal sigile.                        
112. Jaboloi khujute
113. Jwoli jwoli.                     
114. Puwane abeli
115. Bujiu nubujane.           
116. Uroniya Mon
117. Deha khohai dehatu   
118. Mayabini ratir
119. Daag mur bukute.    
120. Kinu huriya ganere
121. Lahe lahe.                   
122. Jibon nodir duti paar
123. Hun rupereu.                
124. Osina dekhot
125. Huwa duwa lagile.       
126. Hur Hur Hur
127. Ghila ghuradi ghur.     
128. Rumal
129. Agoli bahore gogona   
130. Khiriki khiriki
131. Duporor muhonat.      
132. Jetuka pator Dore
133.Hunali monor malikoni  
134. Ore Priya
135. Janam Janam                 
136. Kajol Kajol
137. Senorita Tumi kor       
138.bahi bahi
139. RUNJUN nupure     
140. Mori jam Mori jam
141. Mori Lou Mori Lou .   
142.Shilongore godhuli
143. Mota kukurai              
145. Dhire dhire
146. Janu Janu moi Janu.    
147.priti vora
148. Rati rati.                         
149. Ata kotha kuwana
150. Gaan ati guwana.        
151.nila nila dusokute
152. Dusokure kajolot.       
153. Kinu aawonire  
154. Matisa Jodi.                   
155. Hunjoni nuhudhiba
156. Ujonire rail khoni.      
157. Hothatei heral 
158. Amanikha hare ase.   
159. Akobingkho hotikar
160. Politics nokoriba.        
161. Hikoli singi Tumi
162. Gagori kokalot.             
163. Hikolire merai
164. Val paone Muk hosake 
165. Val puware
166. Koli melili.                      
167. Dhulikona
168. Anuradha.                      
170. Juwa bosorei                  
171. Dada moneybag t 
173. Mati futi ulale

and more songs 

Zubeen Garg Hindi Songs

 1. Strings.                         
 2. Ishq Namaji
 3. Vini vini vour.              
 4. Ya Ali
 5. Jag Lal Lal                    
 6. Jane Kya Jane man
 7. Subha subha.             
 8. Jindagi kahi gum hai
 9. Jia re jia re.                   
10. Najre karam ho
11. Urte parindo.              
12. Jia Lage na Mera
13. Dil tuhi Bata.               
14.Ab mujhko jina
15. Dilruba.                        
16.Rama re
17. Jaane kya                     
18. Socha nahi tha
19. Pardesia                       
20. Gori tor bindiya re
21.Teri tamannah.           
22. Kya raaz hai
23. Woh bheegi pal          
24. Ek Nazar
25. Mar haba                     
26. Mere halat ye
27. Sapne saare               
28. Dard e  Dil
29. Jana hai.                    
30. Zindagi hosh me
31. Mere watan.               
32. Gunde godarila
33.  Oh my God                 
34. Ek din Teri raho me
35. Kaal kyun.                
36. Jugnu ki payal
37. Tune chuna.                
38. Jhoom barabar Jhoom
39. Aane Wala pal.           
40. Apne rab ka Banda
41. Chasme badoor.         
42. Ishq
43. Ramo Ramo.               
44. Mantra Om
45. Piya Milan ko Jana.   
46. Kaise kahoon
47. Rim jhim.                  
48. Hoga hoga khuda gawah
49.pal pal.                          
50. Ja re ja
51. Kabhi soch hai.          
52.dil ne jise apna kaha
53. Waqt bara baiman    
54. Kee kashoor
55.zindagi aa gayi.           
56. Ya khuda

Zubeen Garg Bangali Songs

 1.  Aaina.                         
 2. Jokhone porise Nazar
 3.  Dil dorodi aye.            
 4. Prem ki bujini
 5. Ekta premer gaan        
 6.Je deshe Sina Jana
 7.  Majhi re.                        
 8. Ki je holo
 9. Chena chena.                
10. Chokehri tarate
10.  Ke sukhi dharay.        
11. De signal
11. Tumi keno amake.     
12. Amar gaaner kothai
13.oi akash neele.             
14. Mon Niye
15.swopno gulo.                
16.tomari chokhe
17. O bondhu Amar          
18.choke choke
19. Mon mane na.             
20. Piya re Piya re
21. O bondhu re                
22. Lagena bhalo
23. Subh mangalam.        
24. Akashe batashe
25. Mon Jete cha sudhu.   
26. Chokher jole
28. Kar chokhe
29.  Bolona Tumi Amar.  
30. Tor pirite
31. Na jene Mon.               
32. Soniye tu janiye tu
33. Ek mutho swopno.     
34. Habu dubu
35. Pagol Ami already.     
36. Hori din to gelo
37. Heavy lagshe.               
38. Pagli toke rakhbo
39. Jhor other Mone.        
40. Tomar Amar prem
41.love you soniyo.          
42.Tomar Amar prem
43. Lonely very lonely.    
44. Bin Tere Tere bin
45. Ki diye banaise.          
46. Samayer Maya jaal
47. Ekta bhul.                    
48. Samayer kotha aar
49. E bukur agoone.         
50. Bony bony
51. Chena chena pather  
52.ektu sowate
53. Shana er sur.               
54. Onek kotha silo
55. Mahi ve                        
56. Swapno satti Holo
57. Rong dilo.                     
58. Mon
59. E kemon Prithibi.      
60.toke Sara
61. Sathiyaa                       
62. O Priya
63. Maola.                          
64. Majhi re
65. Fagun.                           
66. Jibon re
67. Aaj keei khusir dine  
68. Saiyaan
69. Aaj abar Ami eka.      
70. Mon toke dilam
71. Keu Jane naa.             
72. Phirbena ai Mon
73. Hare hare Rama        
74. Bhalo meta
74. O bondhu re.              
75.bhul bujhatei ei jiboner
76. Made in India.           
77. Bondhu tin din
78. Mon pakhi hour.       
79. Bheja bheja
80. O Mon bolaka.           
81. Pritir kothaler aatha
82. Lagena bhalo.            
83. Mon Jete chai sudhu
84.tomay bhebe.              
85. Bondhu aaj theke
86. Tomar chobi.             
87. Bojhena se bojhena

Other Languages of Zubeen Gargs' songs

Tamil                             Telegu

Kanada                           Malayalam

Odia                                Punjabi
Bhojpuri                        Marathi

Bodo                                Tiwa  

Nepali                             Manipuri

Zubeen Garg Controversies

*Case against Zubeen Garg for alleged remarks on Bharat Ratna. 

* Zubeen Garg has landed in a fresh controversy after he said at a cultural event that brahmins ought to be killed.

 Zubeen Garg annoyed after he was asked to refrain from singing Hindi songs at a Bihu programme at Noonmati.

* Zubeen Garg got into controversy here - this time during a music performance, he fired a 'gun' and threatened the audience that they would not shoot him.

Zubeen Garg (Zubeen Da) is Proud of Assam

Zubeen Garg ( Zubeen Da ) not only a singer, cmposer, producer, director, lyricist and actor, He is o our proud. We feel very proud for him. Zubeen Garg is also great leader but not politically, He stands for us in any problems . Zubeen Garg is a very humble person ,he always takes decision emotionally. In my opinion Zubeen da always stay in our heart,He is considered by all people of Assam as his brother. No one else can be in Assam like Zubeen Garg. 

Assamese people will always continue to respect and love Zubeen Garg.


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