Chhat Puja 2020: History,Date&Time, Videos,Images & Wishes

Chhat Puja 2020: History,Date&Time
,Images & Wishes

History,Date&Time,Images & Wishes Chhat Puja

History Of Chhat Puja

Today is the best date of the bright half of the month of Kartik.  This day is dedicated to Lord Surya.  Residents of Bihar and Purvanchal do not forget to worship the Sun God and offer arghya wherever they are on this day.

 This is the reason that today this festival has come out of the border of Bihar and Purvanchal and is being celebrated abroad.  This festival lasting four days is very difficult.

 In this body and mind have to be fully cultivated, so this festival is also considered as Hatha Yoga.  There are different beliefs about how this difficult festival started and who started this festival.

Did Lord Ram and Sita do Chhath first?

Lord Rama was Suryavanshi and his total deity was Surya Dev.  So when Lord Rama and Sita returned to Ayodhya after slaying Ravana from Lanka, they fasted with the goddess Sita for the blessings of their goddess Sita and offered Arghya with fruits, sweets and other things to the sun set in the river Saryu.

 On the seventh day, Lord Rama received the blessings of the sun god by offering arghya to the rising sun.  After this, he started handling the affairs.  After this, the common people also started celebrating the festival of Suryasthi.

Yodha karn of Mahabharata started Chhath festival?

One of the main characters in the Mahabharata is Karna, whom Duryodhana made his friend and made him the king of Ang Desh,the present-day Bhagalpur.  Bhagalpur is located in Bihar.

 There is a story about Anga Raj Karna that, he is the child of Kunti, mother of Pandavas and Sun God.  Karna considered his deity Surya Dev.  This rule used to worship the sun god by going to the waist till the water and also donated to the needy at that time.  It is believed that on the day of Kartik Shukla Shashthi and Saptami, Karna used to do special worship of Sun God.

 Impressed by the sun's devotion to their king, the residents of Ang country started worshiping the sun god.  Gradually Surya Puja expanded to the entire Bihar and Purvanchal region.

Maha rani Kunti and Droupadi did first sun worship?

There is also a story about Chhath festival when Maharaj Pandu was spending days in the forest with his wife Kunti and Madri to atone for the killing of the monk.

 In those days, with the desire to have a son, Queen Kunti worshiped the sun in the Saraswati river.  This led to Kunti daughterhood.  Therefore Chhath festival has great importance for getting children.  It is said that children get happiness from this fast.

 Kunti's daughter-in-law and Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, worshiped the sun god at a time when the Pandavas were wandering in the forest after losing all their kingship.

 In those days Draupadi worshiped the sun god to regain her husbands health and regalia.  It is believed that these mother-in-law daughter-in-law have also contributed a lot in starting the tradition of Chhat festival.

Maharaj Manu Priyavrata and his wife Malini did the first Surya Puja

According to the legend of Purana, there was no child of the first Manu Priyavrata.  Priyavrat asked Kashyapa Rishi the way to get children.  Maharishi asked to perform Putreshthi Yagya.  This gave birth to a son by his wife Malini but this son was born dead.  By putting the dead baby on the chest, Priyabrata and his wife started mourning.  Then an amazing incident happened.

 A lighted plane appeared towards the Earth.  On coming closer, everyone saw that a Divine woman is sitting in that plane.  Devi told Priyavrata that I am the psyche daughter of Brahma.  I give children who wish to have children.  The goddess touched the dead child's body and the child became alive.

 Maharaj Priyavrata praised the Goddess in many ways.  Devi said that you should make such a arrangement that we are always worshiped on earth.  The king started Chhath Vrat in his kingdom.  Chhat Vrat is also mentioned in Brahmavaivarta Purana.

Chhat Puja live video

This Year's Chhat Puja (2020)

According to the Panchang, Chaiti Chhat is celebrated on the month of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra.  This year Chaiti Chhath is being celebrated from 22 Nov to 28 Nov.  This festival, which lasts for four days, has started with Nahai-Khay today.  On the next day Panchami is to be consumed, while Shashthi will be given Sandhya Argh to Lord Bhaskar and morning Arghya on the morning of Saptami.  This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Purvanchal and Nepal.

 Importance of Nahai Khay

 Chhat Puja is celebrated twice a year.  The first Chhat Puja is celebrated in Chaitra and the second Chhat Puja is observed in Kartik month.  On the Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, bathing is eaten.  Chhat Puja begins from this day itself.  Well, women do more on this fast, but men also do Chhat Puja in the house of those who fulfill their vow.  It is said that the sixth maiya is the sister of the sun god, so the person who worships the sun god in Chhat Puja fulfills all the wishes of the sixth maiya.  Together the money comes into the house and all are healthy.

Chhat Puja muhurat 

 The auspicious time of Nahai Khay is all day long.  So, you can worship at any time.  It is especially fruitful to worship the Sun God in the first hour of the day.

 Process of worship

 On this day, wake up in the Brahma Muhurta and clean the house.  After this, one should bathe in the pond or lake according to convenience.  But there is a lock-down across the country to prevent the spread of corona virus infection.  In such a situation, take bath first at home and take the resolution of Chhat Vrat.  Then start the fast by offering water to Lord Bhaskar.  After this, worship the sixth maiya in the house of worship and worship it lawfully.  When the puja is over, pray for Lord Bhaskar for the peace and prosperity of the house.  On the day of Nahai Khay, one must eat gourd vegetables, Arva rice and gram dal.  The rest of the household members eat after the fasting meal.  Kharna will be celebrated the next day.

Some images of Chhat Puja 

Some videos of Chhat Puja Geet

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Chhat Puja in Assam

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Chhat Puja 2019

Chhat Puja is a major festival of Hindus.  The four-day festival started from October 31.  Especially in Bihar, there is a different enthusiasm about this festival.  People worship Suryadev in this worship.  According to religious beliefs, Chhat has been called the sister of the Sun God.  It is believed that Chhath Mai is pleased with Chhath Puja, due to which there is no lack of peace, peace and wealth in the family.


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