The Ultimate Guide To These People Tried To Get Tested For Covid-19 And Were Turned Away

These People Tried to Get Tested for COVID-19 and Were Turned Away

As the coronavirus spreads worldwide, the exact number of people infected with COVID-19 remains a mystery.  But it is not just the symptoms - it can also be responsible for many other health-related problems such as bronchitis and the flu - that make it such a difficult disease to diagnose.  Indeed, for many people it is limited access to self-examination that prevents them from receiving the treatment they need.  To shed light on this unfortunate reality of the current epidemic, we have shared the following stories by people who have tried to test for the coronavirus, but for one reason or another - came to the fore briefly.  And if you want to protect your mental health during an epidemic, check out these 15 effective self-care tips made for isolation.

1. The woman whose pneumonia wasn't enough to get her a test

Despite being exposed to Covid-19 and suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia, the Twitter user revealed in the service that he was not able to take the test initially because his symptoms were not considered serious enough.  And if you want to protect yourself during an epidemic, according to experts, make sure you know these 9 awesome health tips just

2. The roommates that doctors wouldn't "waste a test" on

After hearing the story of Nadia's 4-year-old tiger, who tested positive for CVV-19 at the Bronx Zoo, a Twitter user revealed the story of trying to test her on 8 pies.  Despite showing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, Pige tweeted that he and his roommate were told that medical professionals were not going to perform "useless tests" on them.

3. The woman who still couldn't get tested after two weeks of showing symptoms

The longer duration of the disease does not mean that you can protect the COVID-19 test.  Twitter user Amy Vanderpool has revealed that despite 15 days of long symptoms, she has yet to secure a test for herself.  And if you are concerned about your health, make sure you know these 10 things that increase your risk of coronavirus complications.

4. The man whose shortness of breath wasn't enough to warrant a test

When you think that feeling short of breath during an epidemic may qualify you for medical care, Twitter user Simon Rio reveals that even a coronavirus clinic test was not enough because he was largely incomplete to get tested.

5. The woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 without a positive test

Although Twitter user @ The QuestGirl1 has confirmed to his doctor that he has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, he has not been able to actually test for the virus.  "The doctor came to the conclusion this morning that we need to believe that I have it until I prove it."  And if you want to reduce your chances of getting infected with the virus, make sure you eat these 15 seemingly bizarre habits that increase the risk of coronavirus.

6. The man whose severe symptoms weren't severe enough

Musician Alex Peacock was diagnosed with a lung infection and was given steroids after three weeks of severe symptoms of upper respiratory distress.  Although his symptoms - including fever and chest pain - were mostly mild cough, he said he was denied coronavirus testing because his current symptoms were not severe enough.

7. The woman being treated for coronavirus without a positive test

Twitter user Tara Mikenas is currently undergoing treatment for Kovid-19, she is doing so without getting a positive coronavirus test. Unfortunately, Minesis describes her symptoms, which include coughing and chest pain.  .  And if you want to stay safe there, according to experts, start with these 8 essential health tips to follow from now on.

8. The man who spent a month trying to secure a test 

Even after developing respiratory illness and subsequent pneumonia, Twitter user Nathan Jackson says he still can't find a coronavirus test site in the local area, asking his followers, "Is there a plan here?"

9. The woman put under quarantine despite never receiving a test

Twitter user @Collard_Grains has strong enough evidence of COVID-19 isolation under physician, but the actual diagnosis of the disease has not yet been made.

10. The woman who was told she would only be tested if she could "barely breathe"

Twitter user Morgan da Costa gave his followers a long list of coronavirus symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, skin sensitivity, headache and fever, but his doctor told him they were still not good enough for testing.  "My doctor said they wouldn't examine you until you barely breathed," he explained sternly.  According to doctors, if you want to protect yourself, make sure you stop believing in these 15 coronavirus myths.

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