Raksha Bandhan 2020 : Date In Indian Calendar 2020

Raksha Bandhan- When Is The Auspicious Time Of Raksha Bandhan Festival In 2020

         Today I am going to tell you about our one of the finest festival  RAKSHA BANDHAN .

Pabitra Raksha Bandhan :

Raksha Bandhan is one of the largest festival of 
Hindus . The festival of Raksha Bandhan is  celebrated every year on the full moon day of shravan month ,
 Therefore, it is also called Rakhi Purnuma .This
festival is the festival of love of siblings . On this day , the sisters tie the colour ful rings on the wrist of their
happiness and prosperity ,so he would give the siblings
 a promise to protect them .This year  Raksha Bandhan
 is celebrated on 3 August .

 Raksha Bandhan is the most popular festival of sisters. Flow eagely await this day because Raksha Bandha deepens brotherly love . Please tell that this time Raksha Bandhan is falling on 3 August i.c. independent day . I will tell you the Auspicious time of the day of Raksha Bandhan 
2020, but before that know why Raksha bandhan is 
 Celebrated hearing some of the stories and narratives
 related to this, you will know the reason behind the hostage .

 Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

According to the MAHABHARATA , Lord Krishna once
suffered on injury to his hand  and then mother draupadi tore her lap and tied her arms lord krishna.At some point of that point lord krishna promised to shield draupadi at some point of her existence, since then the sacred bond has also been celebrated as rakhi bandhan .  According to another historical legend, Rani Karnavati of chittor sent RAKHI to King Humayun and pledged his defense. King Humayun held the honor of Karnavati and protected queen Karnavati from the king of Gujrat and the tradition of RAKSHA BANDHAN started .

 Very Special For Sister      

On the day of RAKSHA BANDHAN ,every sister prays
to God for the longevity of her brother and pleases the
brother in life by pleasing God. On this day, the sisters
go to the temple and worship Lord Krishna and pleased
with God that God protect our brothers . Let I tell you 
that on the day RAKSHA BANDHAN , like a sister ties
a rakhi to brother, in the same day brother also give
beautiful gifts , promising to protect their sister.

Auspicious Time For Raksha Bandhan In 2020 :

This time on August 3, The Auspicious time of RAKSHA
BANDHAN is from 9:28 to 21:14 ,that means auspicious
time to tie rakhi for 12 hours. the competition of rakhi is celebrated on the overall moon day of the month of shravan. Shravan month is a very Auspicious month , Devotes also bring kavad of Lord Shankar in this month.It is said that this is where the festival of Hinduism begin .

   The festival of RAKSHA BANDHAN  is celebrated in the shravan month of the Hindu calendar on the day on which the full moon recites in the aparahna period. It is also necessary to keep these rules in mind as well :

1. Do not make RAKSHA BANDHAN if the full moon climed up during aparahna period. In such a situation, if the full moon is in the first three muhurats of the next
day , then the entire law of festival should be done in the afternoon of the next day. 

2.If the full moon is not in the first three muhurats of
the next day,then RAKSHA BANDHAN can be celebrated in the latter part of the Pradosh period after 
Climbing on the first day.

 However, in some areas like Punjab etc. The aparahna
Period is not considered more important. Therefore it is generally practiced to celebrate the festival of Rakhi 
before Madhyahna period.

Worship Method Of Rakhi Purnima  

On the day of RAKSHA BANDHAN ,the sisters tie the raksha sutra on the wrist of their brothers . In 
addition, she also wishes for the longevity, prosperity
and happiness of the brother. RAKHI is recited a mantra tied on the wrist. By using this mantra ,pandits
can also tie defence thread to the people. That mantra :

 Om yen Boldo Bali Raja Danvendra Mahabal :

 Ten Twampi Badhanani Rakshye Ma Sala Ma sala

There is also an important story behind this mantra ,
Which often comes at the time of RAKSHA BANDHAN 
worship. Once Dharamraja Yudhisthira expressed his
desire to listen to such a story from Lord Shri Krishna ,
Which can get rid of all the troubles. In response to this Krishna told him this story : 

    In the mythological period, three were 12 consecutive
years of war between the Gods and Asuras. It seemed
that the victory of the Asuras in the war is certain. The 
King of the demons had captured the three people and
declared himself king of Trilok. Asura's  persecuted Devraj Indra guru then reached the shelter of Jupiter and prayed for protection. Then shravan purnima was
completed in the morning. In this legislation, Guru
Brihaspati recited the above mentioned mantra as well as Indra and his wife Indrani also repeated this mantra behind. Indra wife indrani transmitted power to all brahmins within the raksha sutra and tied it at the wrist of indra's right handWith the power gained from this sutras, Indra defeated the Asuras and reclaimed his lost kingdom.
 Another method of celebrating Rakshabandhan is also famous. ‘on this day, women prepare for worship in the 
morning and give golden legs on the wall of the house she
then worshiped him with kheer and sweets. Women who put
wheat earrings on Nag panchami keep that plant for worship after tying rakhi on  her brother's wrist,she put these earrings on the brother's ears .

 Importance Of Sacred Thread

The brother guarantees to shield her at some point of her life.it is not a culture but a very sacred bond, which is also wrapped in a thread of rites. Rituals that promote brotherly love for sister and sister towards brother. The tradition of tying trees with a protective thread  since ancient times. Recognition of wrapping many legs with thread like this. In the same way, a thread tied by a sister also has so much power that it fills happiness in the life of the brother.

Raksha Bandhan Dates In India(2020-2024)

          Year                                      Date

            2020                                                3 August

            2021                                                22 August

            2022                                                11 August

            2023                                                30 August

            2024                                                19 August

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