Special Story On Rabindranath Tagore Birthday & Biography


Special Story On Rabindranath Tagore Birthday & Biography

These thoughts of rabindranath tagore show 
The way to stay, studying will trade your way of wondering 

Rabindranath tagore become born on 7 may additionally 1861 in addasan , kolkata, west bengal . Rabindranath tagore become no longer best a exquisite poet, litterateur, philoshopher however Additionally a amazing musician and painter.  rabindranath tagore wrote the countrywide anthem of india “jana gana

   Rabindranath tagore is the only poet whose two com positions became the national anthem of two countries. Apart from India, the national anthem of Bangladesh “AMAR SONAR BANGLA"is composed byRabindranath tagore. He is the only Indian literature to have received the Nobel prize for his works .Rabindranath tagore has given many ideas for writing poems as well as leading a Successful life.


1. Let us not pray that threats do not come upon us,but
pray that we can face them fearlessly.

2. You cannot cross the sea just by standing and starting
at the water.

3. If work is taken from dependents in lieu of shelter,
then it is worse than job. The importance of shelter goes
away from him.

4. Always the reasoning mind is the knife with a sharp
edge that removes blood from the hands of the user.

5. Do not limit the education of a child to his knowledge
, because he is born at some other time.

6. Only love is reality, it is not just a feeling. This is the
absolute truth that dwells in the heart of creation.

7. The moon spreads it's light across the sky but keeps it's stigma on itself.

8. Just as the nest gives shelter to the sleeping bird, similarly silence gives shelter to your voice.

9. If u close the doors to all the mistakes then the truth
will be left out automatically.

10. Showers of arguments,dust and blindness of arguments. All this is disturb and returns,but faith
resides in itself,it has no fear.

   Gurudev started drawing in the last days of his life.
In this,the voices of doubt, fascination , fatigue and
despair of the era are revealed. The everlasting content
between man and god emerged. in different forms in
his compositions.

  6 August 1961, when he was being taken from Shanti
Nikatan to Kolkata for treatment shortly before the end
of his life,his grandson said that you know that a new
power house is being built here. In response,he said that yes,the old light will be gone and new one will come.

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