Happy Ambedkar Jayanti | Indian Jurist

Happy Ambedkar Jayanti ! Indian Jurist

Dr. Bhimrau Ambedkar Biography

        14 April,This day is set up to an incredible man of our India,DR. BHIMRAU RAMJI AMBEDKAR. This day is observed as AMBEDKAR JAYANTI for this Proficient man of India.

         Guys! It's a honorable day for all India,so I give a little impression about this great man.

          Dr. bhimrau ramji ambedkar also called babasaheb ambedkar. He was an Indian jurist, economist, politicianand social reformer who inspired the DALIT BUDDHIST movement,compaigned against social discrimination towards the untouchables.Ambedkar was first law and justice minister in independent India. He was the major architect of the Constitution of India.


 BORN                                     14April,1891(MHOW,INDORE,MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA )

      POLITICAL PARTY           Shedule castes federation
                                                    Independent labour party
                                                     Republic party of India

      SPOUSE                                       Rambai(1906-1935)
                                                              Savita Ambedkar

     EDUCATION                   University of Mumbai (BA)
                                               Colombia University (MA,PHD)
                                 London school of economics(MSC,DSC)

   PROFESSION            Social reformer,jurist,economist,

     DIED                                6 December,1956(Delhi, India)

     AWARD                                          Bharat Ratna(1990)

           DR. AMBEDKAR is the real hero of india,the Messiah of backward class people. At the time the Indian Constitution was being composed, at that time he said that all Indians should get equal rights. He struggled throughout his life to uplift. He had  pledged to get the highest education of the backward classes and remove the discrimination of that low. He also dropped his advocacy because disobeyed in court.

     DR. AMBEDKAR was not only an example of the poor,he was a truly successful leader and a powerful orator.

             Thank you.......

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