Eid-Ul-Fitr : Unique Competition Of Islam Rejoice Love And Humanity

Eid-Ul-Fitr :  Unique Competition Of Islam Rejoice Love And Humanity

 Special on EID-UL-FITR  (Ramadan): This festival
Spreads love all around......

        eid-ul-fitr  is the reward of allah to individuals who consider god most effective for a month by means of enduring hunger and thirst. the beauty of love wrapped in sevaiyan is the speciality of this competition. This festival, which is said to be the biggest festival of Muslims,isn't handiest a robust thread to comment our society, however it also unfold the affection and heat message of islam in a pervesive way.      

Also known as sweet EID, this festival is especially
the carrier of centuries- old tradition of the fabric and
brotherhood of Indian society. On this day people of
different religious forget each other and embrace each
other and Sevaiyan usually transforms into their sweet
- ness.

       EID-UL-FITR is the spiritual reward of the Rosadar
from Allah after hard trials in a spritual month. EID
is a strong thread of social harmony and love,
       This festival is a reflection of the tradition of  Islam.
It's importants to an individual can be gauged from his
or her gratitude to Allah.

      There is an age-old tradition of observing EID by
observing the moon and todays high-tech era despite
all the debate and admiration,this custom is
maintained. Broadly speaking, RAMADAN and then EID
also endtrust the person with the responsibility of
Compulsorily performing social responsibility as a
Human being.

     In Ramadan, every able Muslim has to withdraw an
amount equal to two and half percent of his total wealth and distribute it to the poor. This discharges his
responsibility toward the society,as well as poor every
day people are able to celebrate the rewarding festival
of Allah. Broadly speaking, almost every section of the
Society has to be neither way benefits.whether it is
financial gain and social benefit.

        Before giving  EID-UL-FITR  greetings,know the
Sunnah of EID day........

         According to the Quran, prophet Islam has said that when Ahle Iman is disowned from the Ehtarams
Of the holy month of Ramadan and fulfils the daily
Prayers and all his works, Allah will one day give his
blessings and reward to the people who perfor the said
prayers. Is honored with therefore ,this day is called
‘EID' and this is the name of  “EID-UL-FITR" on the
occasion of this tip and reward. 

Roses are saved at some point of this month.The 10th month Of Shawwal begins at the end of this month. The first moon night of this month is the moon night Eid. The wait for this night happens all year round, because the moon that appears on this night proclaims EID-UL-FITR , The major festival of Islam .

           You guys from my side......

                       “ HAPPY EID-UL-FITR "

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