2020 Merry Happy Christmas : How To Celebrate It 2020

2020 Merry Happy Christmas : How To Celebrate It  2020

How To Celebrate Christmas 2020.                                                        

Christmas is a festival celebrated in most countries of the world.  A festival celebrated in commemoration of a saint who gave the message of humanity, a saint who believed in prayer and forgiveness, an angel, a messenger of God, the only son of God.  Santa's Festival Giving Christmas Happiness.  Christmas is an important festival for those who believe in Christianity and a big day for those who love humanity, love for humanity and awaken humanity.  This festival of Christmas is celebrated with great fanfare on 25 December every year in India as well as in most countries of the world.

 It is believed that on this day the only son of God, Jesus Christ i.e. Jesus Christ was born to Joseph and Mary as children for the welfare of the world.  Followers of Jesus celebrate it as Christmas as their birth anniversary.  Although there is no authentic facts about the fact that Jesus was born on 25th of December, but today in the whole world, it is celebrated on 25th of December as a big day along with Christmas and Christmas in India.  Among Christians, this festival is as important and joyous as it is among Hindus on the occasion of Diwali and Muslims on the occasion of Eid.

Today I tell you how to celebrate CHRISTMAS this year : 

How To Celebrate Christmas

The followers of Christianity are enthusiastic about the Christmas festival all over the world, but people of other religions have started celebrating it a lot nowadays.  In fact, when we are connected with the whole world in the present era, cultural exchange also continues.  Just as in our country, special festivals of some states have become famous all over the country, similarly festivals of other countries and religions are also being celebrated on a large scale across the world.  But maybe many of you are considering how to celebrate the Christmas festival.  So we are presenting for you some tips which you can celebrate this Christmas festival well.

Celebrate Christmas With Enthusiasm

 First of all, no festival can be celebrated without enthusiasm, without enthusiasm.  Now those who celebrate it because of their religious affiliation traditionally celebrate it, which includes offering prayers and decorating cards and gifts to friends and relatives.  But you too can make this big day special by raising the enthusiasm of Christmas festival for yourself.

Celebrate With Man, Love And Family

 Just like we celebrate our traditional festivals with the whole family, similarly Christmas should also be celebrated with the whole family.  On Christmas, a lot of people also go on family trips.  This best season of winter comes with the laying of snow sheets on the mountains.  So you too can enjoy the snow and nature's panoramic views like cotton.  Youngsters can enjoy it with their friends.  Celebrating this festival for lovers can fill happiness in their love life, do you know that Santa Claus can overcome the love of your love, so celebrate this festival with full honesty and enthusiasm.

Make Christmas Tree And Decorates Home

 Even though people in India have been able to clean and decorate their houses on Diwali, but for some reasons you have not been able to do so, then this can be a good opportunity for you to decorate your home.  If you are satisfied with the decoration of the house, then you can prepare the Christmas tree well.  Decorate the Christmas tree with colorful lights, bright peppers, greeting cards, candles etc.  By sticking colored paper on thermocol or cardboard, you can decorate the tree by making attractive designs with the impression of children's hands or feet.

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 Dress Code Is Pajama Party

 If you are celebrating the Christmas festival in your home and invite your friends and relatives for this, then you can make it special with a little extra effort.  Actually, you can request friends coming to the Christmas party to come in a particular dress.  By the way, Shanta who comes wearing a dress, you can suggest to your friends that you come in the form of Santa.  Often a pajama party is also organized on Christmas. You can also keep pajamas as dress code for your friends.  It is also a very comfortable dress for such an event.  In this you can have fun openly.

Capture Happiness in the camera

 You can save these beautiful moments with the help of a professional photographer with the help of a professional photographer from the celebration of your mobile phone.  Pictures of children with Santa in a mall can tickle you for a long time.  You too can live your childhood by being a child on this one day.

 Make Bars For Children At Home

 To make Christmas a little more exciting for children, you can make bar of their favorite things like chocolate, coffee etc.  For this, they can also be asked to spend with pocket money.  Actually, in the rest of the days, you keep the children away from their favorite things, but Christmas is a festival to fulfill the wishes of the children, so in this winter season, you can fulfill the demand of their favorite coffee.

Help For Needy Children

 They say that we pray for happiness every moment, but by helping the needy poor children, you can take their prayers, which will surely ensure your happiness along with spiritual satisfaction.  Along with food and hot clothes, you can also gift them to poor children as a gift.

Understand The Mind Of Children On Christmas

 Christmas festival is very important for children. On this day, his beloved Santa Claus fulfills his wishes.  Give them attractive gifts.  But on this day you can understand your child's mind very well.  Actually if you feel that your child is hesitant to share anything with you.  Or if he is suppressing something in his mind, then he can get a better opportunity to know about it on Christmas.  You should tell your child to write his mind and his wish to Santa Claus as a letter and put it in a box next to the Christmas tree so that Santa can listen to it and fulfill his wish.  Now you read that letter after the baby sleeps.  This will help you in understanding your child, as well as try to fulfill his wish.  Even if you have to come in the form of a santa holding his favorite things under the pillow or pillow at night, you do not have to come.

Christmas Charity Festival

 Christmas is a unique festival that conveys the love, joy and salvation of God.  The Christmas festival is no longer confined only to the people of Christianity, but people of all communities of the country celebrate it with full reverence and gaiety.  Christmas is also a festival showing the initiative taken by God for the salvation of mankind.

Santa Claus, an old fat old man with white hair and beard, wearing a red and white dress.  Who rides his vehicle 'Reindeer'.  This festival is very popular during celebrations, especially among children.  He loves children, and brings gifts, chocolates, etc. to them as gifts.  It is believed that he keeps these gifts in his socks at night.

Do you know how Santa Claus can reach all the houses around the world with a lot of gifts in one night.  The answer is, a Santa is hidden among all of us, but we do not recognize him.  Santa brings happiness to everyone's life without any interest.  We should also take a lesson from him that if somehow we can give happiness to a person, then perhaps we too will be able to celebrate this Christmas in a true way.

 Now you may be thinking how you can take so much time out of your parting life to think about donating something or making someone cry.  So you can start it from your home itself, if there are some old clothes in your house that you are not using, you can give it in a temple or gurudwara so that it can be used to cover the body of a poor person.  And at least spend this winter without any trouble.

If you have small children in your house, then you should also teach them to give away their old toys to the poor needy working in your house.  If you are thinking of buying gifts for Christmas giving, then you should buy handmade gifts of children in an orphanage or institution.  Perhaps this way you will be able to start with a new style this year, and believe that you will welcome Christmas with more fervor.

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