Top 5 Assamese Traditional Dress |Photos

Top 5 Assamese Traditional Dress |Photos    

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       Assam is not just beautiful to see, there are so many things here that are liked  outside. Dresses is also one of these beautiful things . There are so many traditional dresses in Assam . Today i am going to show you 5 such traditional dresses  of Assam which are liked not only in here but also outside.

Most Beautiful And Useable Dress In Assam

Traditional dress 1.

                 ( MUGA SHIRT WITH DHOTI)

 One of the best assamese traditional dress for gents .It's a combination of a shirt which made silkworm product and also matching dhoti. All the gents of Assam wear this costume. Especially  this dress is worn for famous dance “ bihu dance ”
of Assam . See how attractive we look .

Traditional dress 2.

                    (MUGA MEKHELA SADOR)

Muga mekhela Sador is also one of the best traditional dress of Assam.It is very popular among women . Women wear it 
in all celebration like marriage, anniversary,at the time of Bihu dance,to hang out etc.Women look quite beautiful and attractive
When wearing this dress .

Traditional dress 3.


GAMUSA is the respective simbol for assamese people . A gamusa is worn to all respectable persons. It is made various designs . 
Using it at all religious places . It was worn on the forehead even on the famous Bihu dance. It is also used like a towel at home.

Traditional dress 4.

              ( PAT MUGAR SADOR-MEKHELA )

Pat Mugar Sador- Mekhela is similar like muga mekhela sador .It's made  from different silkworm . This is an option of Muga Mekhela - Sador . It is also a great dress which increases the appearance of women .

Traditional dress 5.

                           ( SELENG SADOR )

Seleng Sador is  also one of the traditional dresses . It is worn at most religious places . When all ladies and gents visit  “ NAMGHAR" ( a religious place of Assam like mandir)  then these people wrap SELENG sador in their upper body . Mostly celebrate of assam“Akhanda Bhagawat" and “Shankari- Adhibekhan" ,it is also worn at there .

            At the end , There are so many dresses in our Assam,But I have given best here.

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If u have any doubt,let me know.

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